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How did Small Claims Court Turn Out?

This is about how this story of going through small claims court ends. It is a process I have never needed to use in over 20 years of business and one I hope not to need again. The people in and around Ocala, FL are honorable hard working people and I have always done work on a handshake. The owner that led to the canceled bush hogging job is from New Jersey and may have tried to use some of the tactics acceptable from back home in rural Florida. I’m still confident in doing handshake deals but now have a service agreement for larger or riskier jobs or jobs for people from out of the area in order to avoid canceled bush hogging jobs in the future.

The best way to learn how things out is to watch the video by clicking on the image above. The short answer is the judgement ruled 100% in my favor and I was awarded the full job amount plus court costs totaling about $4,000. The customer ultimately paid about $2,500 more than the original job price. Oddly, I had offered her a settlement price of $2,500 but she rejected it on several occasions. 

I did not enjoy the process but it was educational. Knowing how to work through the small claims process was always a mystery. It turned out to be fairly easy and interesting although I hope to never need it again. Bush hogging is not meant to be work for me. I do it primarily because I enjoy being outside, earning extra money and meeting people. It is a weekend gig for me and is opposite of my work week spent on a computer for, and

If you do bush hogging or land clearing, consider using a service agreement (SA) canceled bush hogging or land clearing jobs. A SA protects you and the customer by outlining responsibilities and how things will work when things don’t go right, payment terms and other relationship details. You don’t have to enforce it but it gives you the option should a bush hogging customer change their mind on paying. 

If you need bush hogging or land clearing in any of the following areas, call or text 813.699.9062. 

Ocala, Williston, Bronson, Chiefland, Otter Creek, Cedar Key, Crystal River, Morriston, Archer, Raleigh or Dunnellon


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