Bush Hog Services Near Ocala

If you need bush hog services near Ocala Florida area, contact us here. We offer a range of tractor services from bush hogging, to brush cutting, in and around the Ocala area. Our 74 HP Massey Ferguson tractor provides plenty of power to bush hog most vegetation, move dirt efficiently and maintain roads.

How Much Does Bush Hog Services Cost Near Ocala?

Pricing is based on a variety of factors that impacts productivity per hour. Quotes are based on a half or whole day, work speed, vegetation thickness, trash, type of work and distance. Obstacles like low hanging limbs add time to tractor work and limit the areas we can bush hog. All bush hog jobs are unique so we will stop by and walk the property before giving an estimate.  

Tractor Services Offered:

BHS can help around your hobby farm, or take care of your homestead. Discounts are offered for annual and bi-annual services. Often times, land is neglected which takes longer to get it under control. Subsequent bush hog services go more quickly.

  • Bush hogging (under 2″)
  • Brush hogging (over 2″)
  • Auger hole digging up to 12″
  • Landscape raking
  • Back blading
  • Box blading roads and land shaping
  • Harrow rake to create a finished look or for seeding
  • Moving dirt to fix roads or other

Bush Hogging Services Videos  РView Gallery

Check out the video on bush hog service near Williston, contact us and we will stop by and give you an estimate.

Annual Discount

Save 10% on annual, and 15% on bi-annual, bush hog services.

Bush Hog and Tractor Services

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