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About bush hogging services with a tractor

Semi-Annual Service

We offer discounts for properties we bush hog twice a year. This prevents vegetation from growing so big only a specialty brush cutter like the Baumalight can handle the trees. The first cut often leaves the grass or pasture rough but the second really starts to make it look nice. 

Kubota Excavator Pond Maintenance

about bush hogging services

Best Bush Hogging Service

Bush Hogging Services provides not only bush hogging, but many tractor services as shown below. We have grown our business in the West Central Florida area (Cedar Key, Chiefland, Bronson, Williston, Archer, West Gainesville, Otter Creek, Ocala, Crystal River region) from a small tractor, with a single operator, to several pieces of equipment and  several operators, we have grown and expanded the business.

We have invested in a wide range of tractor implements in order to handle more customer requests, more efficiently. Most jobs are completed in 1 to 2 days, even if the days are 12 hours. Sometimes we operate with headlights to get a job completed. Most of our customers are friendly land owners that need help with field and paddock maintenance. 

Our Massey Ferguson 4707 and Baumalight CP572 are a great combination of size and power for the toughest bush hogging jobs. Most bush hogs can only handle small saplings and brush. The addition of the Kubota KX-040 excavator with the Rut Tree Slayer brush cutter. We can offer a wider variety of tractor services than Billy Bob with an old tractor down the road. We are also insured to protect you and us.

To learn more about Bush Hogging Services, or schedule an estimate, give us a call or text 813.699.9062.  We’ll see how we can accomplish your goals together. 

Tractor & Excavator Services

Field Mowing Service

Field mowing grass pastures and farm fields from a few acres to many.

Bush Hogging

Bush hogging generally covers briars and weedy vegetation under 2″ thick.

Trail & Road Maintenance

With a special vertical bush hog, we can trim trees that grow onto the road and brush under the trees & around ponds.

General Tractor Work

Moving things, digging a hole & lifting. Tractors offer a versatile platform for many tasks.

Field Discing & Fire Breaks

Disc fields and get them ready for next season or disc roads for fire breaks.

Brush Hogging

More difficult and time consuming work that requires specialized equipment that is super heavy duty. Vegetation can be up to 4″ thick!

Road Building & Repair

Whether it is box blading an existing dirt road or cutting in a new road, we can help get you where you want to go.

Harrow Raking

Make those roads look great or drag the cow pasture. Harrow raking breaks up surface material for a smooth finish.

Brush Grapple

We can move brush piles, move stumps, and help you clean up your property. 

Landscape Raking

Rake up debris left after land clearing, remove dead vegetation from a field or groom the land to make it look great.

Back Blading

Cut shallow ditches on dirt roads, pull dirt from edges and build a crown to drain water. 

Post Hole Auger

Quickly dig 12″ holes for fence posts, trees, pole barns or other structures. 

Pond Maintenance

Trim vegetation along the banks using the excavator and brush cutter. Digging out ponds to remove sentiment or to make them deeper. 

Retention Ponds

Cut vegetation around the retention pond along with the banks and along fence rows. The excavator brush cutter can also trim tree limbs and thick brush. 

Road Compacting

Roll dirt roads to compact the soil to improve wear and weather resistance. 

Massey Ferguson 4707

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