Chiefland Florida Bush Hogging Service

Bush Hog Services (BHS) operates around Chiefland Florida and includes Central Florida. We offer bush hogging service for residential and commercial customers and a 10% military veteran military discount.

Bush hogging services include cutting fields, maintaining road, moving debris piles and clearing land. With our larger tractor and specialty tree cutter, from Baumalight shown in the video below, we are able to clear larger trees up to 4″ in diameter! Most bush cutting services will cut 2″ trees with a standard rotary cutter but few have made the investment in a tree cutter because they are expensive. With a 4″ cutting capacity and an open rear deck, we can quick back into large vegetation without concern for bending or breaking our standard duty or even HD bush hog. This means we get more done in less time which saves you money and provides a better result.¬†


Bush Hog Tractor Services

Services include bush hogging, brush hogging and land clearing. Click here to learn more about bush hog pricing. 

  • Dirt road repair. Grading, rut repair, ripping, spreading rock.
  • Field cutting
  • Under cutting
  • Food plot maintenance
  • Soil ripping
  • Cell tower maintenance¬†
  • Land clearing of trees and brush up to 4″ in diameter
  • Construction site preparation
  • Dirt moving
  • Forest road building
  • Fence post removal

Bush Hog Service Chiefland Florida