Bush Hog Service Discounts


Thank You!

Thank you for contacting Bush Hogging Services, serving Florida west of Ocala to Cedar Key. We offer tractor services and mowing services for rural land and acreage. Pastures and paddocks are a favorite and some of our unique equipment improves the finished look. Proper maintenance is key to keeping weeds down, fences in working order and roads smooth. We can help you with discing food plot, moving dirt, or bush hogging the nastiest brush. 

If you used the short mobile contact form, we recommend completing the detailed form to give us the details needed to get started. Either way, we will be in touch soon.  

Since no two properties are the same, we have to look at each job. We’ll give you a project price so you know your investment before we begin. The only time the project price changes is if there are “surprises” which we are not made aware of.  Surprises might be large amounts of trash, metal that can damage equipment, mud bogs and more land than described. This seldom happens but it is important to understand what goes into providing a quality bush hogging service price. 


Multiple Service Discounts

Many bush hogging projects are done 2-3 times per year Florida. With a 9 month growing season, bush hogging once a year enables weeks and saplings to take over. As a thank you, we offer multiple service discounts. We provide bush hog service discounts after the first service when done within a rolling 12 month period. To get the bush hog service discounts, just remind us when we send you the invoice. 

  • Mow or cut 2x per year, Discount Code BHS-10%
  • Mow or cut 3x per year, Discount Code BHS-15%
  • Mow or cut 4x per year, Discount Code BHS-20%

Earn $50 by Referring a Neighbor

We appreciate referrals and hope you want to share your positive experience with others in your community. To say thank you, we’ll provide you a one-time $50 Visa (or similar) gift card, if you refer someone that purchases, and pays for, a service worth $750 or more, within 90 days of submission. No “self referrals” and new business only. 

BHS Referral Program

BUSH HOG service discounts
  • Bush hogging
  • Brush cutting
  • Field mowing
  • Road clearing and maintenance
  • Dirt moving or removal
  • Field discing
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Back blading
  • Landscape raking
  • Post hold digging – 9″
  • Fire break maintenance
  • Paddock maintenance