Wildlife Management with Prescribed Burning Assistance

Fire plays an important role in the regeneration of vegetation essential to wildlife in many ways. A prescribed burn decreases the chances of a catastrophic fire which can ruin a forest or timber crop. Fires release seeds trapped in the soil for decades just waiting for the right time to germinate. 

Regrowth provides many layers of protection for small turkey and quail. New growth also put insects low to the ground where young birds can easily feed on them. Quail live an average of just 8 months, so any advantage you can provide can have a big impact on the quail or ground bird population in your area.  

Safely executing a prescribed burn is a skill learned through years of experience and mentorship. It is not something the average landowner should do without assistance. Liability extends to the damage caused by a prescribed burn which turns into a wildfire. Your local US Forest Service office is available to discuss ideas, assist with a plan, and be on standby. A fee is charged per hour but you are learning from professional wildfire managers. They should be on of your first calls to understand the regulations and best practices in your area. 


Prescribed Burn Service

Prescribed Burn Services

We are not prescribed burn experts, but we have the equipment to help build fire breaks and monitor the fire around Chielfand, Bronson, Williston and Ocala Florida. Fire breaks can be as little as an area cleared with a backpack blower, to disced soil 20′ wide based on your vegetation and level of comfort. Our excavator can be used to move logs, knock over standing dead trees that may burn from the inside out for days, or remove brush stands that might jump the fire line. 

Water Trailer

With our Sherp off-road vehicle we can carry water or tow a water trailer. Water can be spread along the fire break to reduce the risk of a jump before the prescribed burn is started or after when everyone is heading home. A hand sprayer can also be used to treat hotspots such as stumps in the ground or brush near the fire line. 

A big advantage of the Sherp is that it can go places other vehicles cannot because it is amphibious. The aggressive tires enable it to float on lakes and ponds or churn through mud and muck that would swallow other vehicles. 


Sherp Water Transport Unit
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