Retention Pond and Detention Pond Maintenance Machine

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What is Retention Pond Maintenance?


The definition of retention pond maintenance may vary depending on whom you are talking to. Some people think of pond maintenance as aquatic maintenance or mosquito control. Others may think of pond construction and spillway maintenance as pond maintenance, but these are different than retention pond maintenance. The important part is to define what you are looking for early when seeking someone to resolve retention pond issues. For this blog, retention pond maintenance refers to brush cutting the banks and tops of a retention pond.

Pond maintenance often includes cutting trees and brush on the banks. If pond maintenance is not done for several years, sapling will grow and roots and lead to leaking. In low areas like Florida, fewer dams are used than in hilly areas. Trees have to excavated which disturbed the soil and provides a path for water to follow.

Overgrown ponds are also hard to enjoy and can be dangerous. Ponds are nice to look at but brush can quickly block the view. Brush also provides a place for snakes, ticks, and alligators to hide in Florida. Keeping the brush back in most areas encourages wildlife to “hang out” in certain areas. For DIY tips on maintaining your pond, try this website

Retention Pond vs. Detention Pond


Detention Pond

A detention pond is more like a depression along a road where water can accumulate in small quantities. They are often dry or have little water. Detention ponds will fill quickly due to their smaller size and drain into the soil or are connected to other detention or retention ponds to handle overflow.

Retention Ponds

Retention ponds can be much larger and retain storm water and water from detention ponds. Retention ponds are part of the larger water management program typically found in urban environments to aid in controlling flooding.


Retention pond maintenance is often done with an excavator like the Kubota KX-040 and a Rut Manufacturing Tree Slayer. An excavator provides the reach needed to safely cut vegetation. The sloped sides of retention ponds make them especially hazardous when combined with water. Moring dew can make grass very slippery and more than a few zero-turn mowers have ended up on the water. If a tractor where to slide or flip into the water, it could be fatal. At a minimum it will be very expensive to pull it out. If the engine ingested water, you have a whole new set of problems.

Retention Pond Maintenance with Excavator

Stormwater Retention Pond Maintenance

Some maintenance is an option, but some is required for public safety. Stormwater retention pond maintenance is required to control flooding and keep the environment healthy. City planners account for the amount of water runoff from streets, homes, and other features. They can study elevation changes, understand the direction the water will travel, and predict the impact. Stormwater retention ponds are required for almost every building project in Florida due to the amount and intensity of rain possible during normal storms and hurricanes. 

Keeping the pond spillways, culverts, screens, and banks free of vegetation is all part of detention pond maintenance. The longer the time between stormwater detention pond maintenance, the more expensive it will get. If stormwater retention ponds are not maintained, large fines may be issued by local, state, and federal agencies depending on the impact on the environment. 

Learn more about detention pond maintenance. 

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