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Land Clearing in Cedar Key

I picked up another job land clearing in Cedar Key from a road sign. Cedar Key is only about 20 miles from Otter Creek, FL or 30 miles from Chiefland. The job was different in that it was to thin the undergrowth and small oak trees along a field.

Alvin and his wife are homesteaders and they cleared about 3 acres for a home and other off-grid activities. The work was dirty and slow. With a combination of 2-4″ trees, palmettos and bigger trees, it requires a lot of short movements in the tractor. It is also physically demanding because I am twisted backwards for 6-8 hours to see the Baumalight CP572 brush cutter as I back into vegetation. The Baumalight performed as expected and cut everything down I attempted and one 8″ pine tree I cut by accident without even knowing. 

When is Bush Hogging, Really Land Clearing?

One realization is that this level of vegetation is really land clearing. I may not be removing all trees and vegetation but the size of the vegetation, wear on equipment, and difficulty of cutting, is closer to land clearing than bush hogging. The chances of expensive damage to the tractor is significantly higher with this type of work and that work has to be covered by the hours billed. A damaged window or flat tire must be covered without ruining the profitability of the job or business over the long-haul.


Bush Hogging Pricing Update

When I have to cut as many 3-6″ trees as I did on this job, I am going to charge a land clearing day rate of $1800 with 1 hour of travel or $950 for a half day of land clearing. For bush cutting (cutting vegetation not in a field and 3″ or less in diameter that I can run over going forward). my day rate is $1300 with 1 hour of travel and prep or $850 for half a day.

At the end of the day, earning a fair wage and covering the operating cost of expensive equipment is needed to justify offering any bush hogging service. Taking a job just to work, means you may work for $0 profit or even for below your costs. aka – free!

Review of the Massey Ferguson 4707

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