Massey Ferguson 4707 Review

Is The Massey Ferguson 4707 A Good Value?

After 150 hours hard labor, the Massey Ferguson 4707 has performed very well. Tractors such as the TYM (aka Rural King) are available at lower price points but there is more to buying a tractor than price. I started with an RK 55 tractor and it worked fine but I wanted some bigger, more powerful and better service opportunities. There is nothing wrong with Kubota or John Deere or other tractors, I happened to like the Massey Ferguson at the time I was making my selection and I have not been disappointed. As a weekend warrior doing side tractor jobs for fun, clearing my own land in Central Florida and working a small field of about 2.5 acres, I wanted something that could handle more. One thing I have learned is you can always use less power but you cannot add what you do not have.

The Massey Ferguson 4707 has met or exceeded my expectations. I would struggle to find anything of significance other than the lack of protection for small tubes and wires under the cab. The components in this area are high exposed when doing land clearing and brush hogging. My concern was so high that I paid to have a custom skid plate mounted to the entire underside of the tractor. This $2,000 option has proven to be valuable in keeping productive by avoiding downtime and costly repairs but also by adding 800 lbs. of ballast below the axles thus dropping the center of gravity. In muddy situations the skid plate will prevent mud from getting under, and into, the undercarriage causing heat buildup, drag and probable damage while trying to get unstuck. 

There are many great features on the Massey Ferguson 4707 but my favorite is the switch on the rear fender to control the lower lift arms from outside the tractor. This is very helpful when attaching implements. If MF reads this, add a switch for the top hydraulic link so all 3 can be controlled from outside the tractor. 

Overall the tractor is capable, comfortable and a good value in my opinion. Parts and service are readily available from multiple tractor dealers. Technical documentation is available for self service or for mobile technicians to reference. If you have not test driven a Massey Ferguson tractor give it a try before you make the final commitment.  


Review of the Massey Ferguson 4707

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