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What is a Batwing Bush Hog?

In short, 3 bush hog mowers in a single unit, driven by one PTO shaft, sharing a hydraulic system.  The RhinoAg 4125 is a top of the line brush eating beast. 

What Does a Batwing Bush Hog (Rotary Cutter) Cost?

As with most things that depends on size, construction, country of origin, and capacity. Batwings bush hogs generally range from 12′ up to 30′! Thirty feet is huge for massive fields. A 12′ brush hog is much more practical for the average small to medium acreage and land clearing jobs encountered in the Ocala and Gainsville Florida area. The batwing bush hog used by BHS is capable of mowing over 4″ saplings or small trees. This is a unique piece of equipment which gives us capabilities our bush hogging competitors do not offer. 

New prices range from $12,000 to $30,000. Decent used rotary cutters are hard to find since they are needed and quite an investment.

How Much Do Batwing Bush Hogs Increase Productivity?

The obvious answer is 100% but that is actually incorrect. Going from a 6′ rotary cutter to a 12′ batwing bush hog seems like it would cut your mowing time in half. In fact, it saves more than half the time for several reasons you may not realize.

For each pass you need about 1′ of overlap. This means a 6′ cutter, cuts 5′ and a 12′ bush hog cuts 11′. The 1′ savings from a 12′ bush hog adds on bigger jobs. 

If a job requires 100 passes, at 10-minutes per pass, a 6′ bush hog, can 500′ in 1,000 minutes. If you use a 12′ batwing bush hog, you cut 11′ per pass for 1,100′ in the same time. This means the 6′ brush mower will require ad addition 100 minutes. This means the batwing mower is about 110% more efficient.

Additional savings is found in speed in two areas. When cutting along the edges of fields with a 6′ cutter the tractor must go slower because of branches hitting the tractor. A batwing has standoff distance. A wing can go further under the branches enabling the tractor to travel faster. With a tree eating RhinoAG 4125 with a 4″ cut capacity, it can avoid going around smaller trees and just run them over.  

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