How To Find Bush Hog Services Near Me

We take calls from over Florida when people search for “bush hog services near me” because many bush hogging service companies do not know how to market their business. Connecting people with fields and land that needs to be maintained and people with tractors doing bush hog services nearby, is a bit of marketing art. It is also the type of work most outdoor people do not like to do. 

Reputable Bush Hog Services

There are several common methods which include a great website like ours with interesting content, Google My Business,  Bing Places for Business, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. The bigger more reputable companies are going to have a good website and presence. This represents an actual business verse a guy with a tractor making money on the side. Bing and Google business listings appear on a map based on your location so they typically provide good results. When you search a map you can also search other areas for property needing bush hog services in another area. When all else fails search the Facebook Marketplace in the market you need to have land cleared. You will get all types of people and prices but buyer beware. These are generally uninsured people looking to make a few bucks. When you see a lowball price, you can be sure they are not insured. 

How Much Does Bush Hog Service Cost?

As you can see from Facebook Marketplace image below, prices vary considerably. Many will list low prices and then add a bunch of fees back on to get to an average market price. The smaller the tractor and brush cutter the longer it will take and the smaller the vegetation must be. What seems like a good price may take twice as long depending on the conditions. In business we all know a certain amount of money must be made to purchase insurance, maintain equipment, pay for fuel and pay the operators wage. When you see ridiculous prices, you have to wonder what is being left out to make it possible to work at those prices. Many times bush hog service contractors will underbid a job and never be able to complete it.

You can also tell who you are dealing with by the size of the tractor. The bigger the tractor the more work can get done. Instead of taking 3 trips to move dirt, it might take a bigger tractor 1 trip. 

Facebook Bush Hog Service Near Me

What To Look For In A Bush Hog Service?

A reputable bush hog service or land clearing company will charge an average of $100 to $125 per hour, including loading and drive time. This is the price point to run a bush hog service business. They will be insured to protect them and you from an accident on your property. If an uninsured worker gets hurt on your property, you can be sued and responsible for their medical bills and long-term care. Is that worth saving a few dollars? A reputable bush hog service company will never give a final price over the phone or email. The only way to know how to price a job is to walk it. Factors such as mud, trees, low hanging limbs, fencing, trash or debris, slope and other variables determine how fast the job can be done. 

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