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How Much Does A Bush Hog Cost?

Bush Hog® is the trade name of a premier manufacturer of spindle rotary cutters. Bush Hog® has become synonymous with rotary cutters like Kleenex, Xerox and Google have in their industries; it is a real compliment. If you are shopping for a rotary cutter, visit the Bush Hog website to review their product line. There are many other factors that go into the cost of a bush hog but the rule of thumb is to buy as much bush hog as you can afford. If you buy a smaller brush cutter and need to cut larger material, you cannot for fear of breaking it. If you have a large brush cutter you can always cut smaller vegetation.

Brush Hog Rotary Cutter Cost Considerations

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  • New or used
  • Size
  • Gearbox horsepower rating
  • Gearbox warranty
  • Features such as chains and hydraulics
  • Wheel count
  • Type of cutter – rough cut or finish cut
  • Flex wing cutters

How Much Does Bush Hog Service Cost Per Acre?

The price per acre varies greatly. Check our our complete article on how much bush hog services cost here. When considering purchasing a bush hog or finding a bush hog service near you to do the work, the deciding factor is how many times will you need to use it? If the answer is frequently, make the investment. Convenience, efficiency, and productivity all have value in life and we only have so much time in the day. It is also rewarding to see your work and a great way to decompress from daily life. If you are fortunate enough to make a few dollars on the side brush cutting for neighbors, all the better. 

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